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Longview Washington

Longview Washington

Longview Washington is located in the Midwestern side of Cowlitz County in Southwest Washington and is the largest city in the County. But don’t let the name “city” mislead you, Longview is the home of genuine, warmth and friendly people which gives the city a comfortable and safe “small town” atmosphere. The uniqueness and beauty of the city makes it very appealing to residents and visitors alike.

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Longview Washington was built in the early 1920s. The overall size of the city covers approximately 13.7 square miles and is a home of around 38,000 residents. With the city’s convenient location, (50 miles north of Portland, OR, and 126 miles south of Seattle), easy access to major transportation corridors including interstate I-5, the Columbia River, and a major rail line it has attracted many business and National Retail Stores in the last few years, becoming the quickest growing city in Cowlitz County.

Longview Washington is a fishermen’s paradise community nestled between the banks of the largest two rivers in the Northwest; the Columbia and Cowlitz Rivers and is a short 75 minutes east of the Pacific Ocean. Among its many attractions in the middle of the city stands the breath taking 3 1/2 miles long, Lake Sacajawea Park, where you can enjoy jogging, walking, fishing, canoeing, picnicking and the beautiful Japanese Garden. Be sure to visit the historic Down Town to explore some of the unique restaurant, galleries and shops. If golf is your idea of fun, visit the beautiful and relaxing Mint Valley Golf Course or the Country Club to brush up on your game.

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The weather in Longview for the majority of the year is cloudy with mild rain and temperature averaging 51 F, with a yearly average precipitation of 45 inches. Nine months out of the year the weather is cloudy and rainy. The other three months (July, August and most of September), is Summer with average temperatures in the mid 80s, with a couple of weeks getting close to the 100s. Two bad Winter months (December and January) with average temperatures in the low 30s with a couple of weeks of freezing temperatures with some snow in the surrounding hills and some in town if we get lucky.

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